"Delter For The People"


My name is Delter K. Guin, III, I was born in North Carolina and raised by a single mom, an absolutely remarkable woman. Growing up in the south as an openly Gay Black Male is self explanatory. I certainly learned to have tough skin and while I had anticipated becoming a Cardiovascular Surgeon since high school, unfortunately the extremely high cost of tuition made that an unattainable dream for me. So instead, like many young Americans do every year, I decided not to attend college but instead to jump right into the workforce and help my family. The same year I graduated High School I got a job at a bank as an Online Analyst, I had taken many computer courses in High School for free and used those skills placing them on my resume as experience, this helped me obtain a decent paying job making around $30,000 a year at the age of 18. Those computer courses have stuck with me as I also built my own campaign website you are on right now. This is one of the many reasons I believe students should have courses that teach career training for high demand positions in the work force while attending high school. It not only prepares them with hands on experience but gives them a Diploma as well as a Resume'. From landing my first job at a large Financial Institution, I worked my way up the corporate ladder accepting positions at Bank of America as a Business Analyst and eventually with Wells Fargo as a Financial Crimes Investigator. Throughout the years my family and I had the misfortune of major illnesses, a mountain of high medical debt and no clear path forward.  While years earlier I lost both of my paternal Grandparents, I most recently lost my maternal Aunt to Breast Cancer first, then my maternal Grandfather to Prostate Cancer. I intended to run for public office and put forward my plan to help Americans avoid going bankrupt just to pay for treatment & medications to live.  My Maternal Grandmother informed us that she had stage 4 metastatic breast cancer Mothers Day 2019, also in 2019 my father was diagnosed with throat cancer and had to have his voice box removed. Learning of this, I moved back to North Carolina with my Mother to help take care of my Grandmother. We lived with her and was her around the clock caregivers, unfortunately my Grandmother passed away. This was and is an extremely difficult thing to process. In my Grandmothers final days she suffered a stroke and was completely unable to communicate. My Mother and I stayed in the hospital around the clock with my Grandmother day in and day out and I observed the type of medical care my grandmother received, I remembered the bills of $300,000 for healthcare that was being sent to her home and was shocked by both the lack of care she received and the outrageous amounts charged for basic care. I thought to myself that by now surely our elected officials would have put an end to the greedy, heartless and outrageous healthcare rates but since the debate continues, I came up with my own plan that makes healthcare free to all Americans and for those with a life threatening illness will not have to choose between eating or paying for medication. My plans change the dynamics of Healthcare in our country and truly get us to where we should have been decades ago and will save the lives of Millions of Americans. As President Obama once said "Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time, We are the ones we've been waiting for, We are the Change We Seek" and another quote from Vice President Joe Biden where he was referring to the loss of his son who had battled with cancer was "Turn your Grief into Purpose". Those two quotes have stayed with me and inspired me to run to honor those gone on as well as help those who remain because I have decided to no longer accept the things I cannot change but instead to Change the things I cannot accept, and I intend to get my plans passed with a clear path forward on how to get us to the Finish Line.


On March 16, 2020, My father Delter K. Guin II has also passed away.