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My Name is 

Delter K. Guin, III

I am a proud American who intended to run for Congress in 2019 to get my legislation for Free Healthcare, Free Education and much more passed. Unfortunately in early 2019 just before I could launch my campaign, my Dad was diagnosed with throat cancer and had to have his voice box removed. His cancer was aggressive and in mid 2019 my Grandmother was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. I had to move back home and be her live in care. Sadly my Grandmother  passed away and then my Dad passed away in March of 2020. In the middle of the pandemic & quarantine there was no way for me to re-launch my campaign for Congress.  However my goal was never to be a Congressman but to have my plans I have worked on to become law, plans that show exactly how to Fund Free Healthcare, Free Education, Create Real Criminal Justice Reform and much more. My hope is that I can work with Vice President Biden & Senator Harris to implement my plans. Two things that have kept me going is my Amazing Mom & Vice President Biden's words on the Loss of his son that I keep repeating and that was to "Turn your Grief into Purpose" and that's exactly what I intend to do!

Please take a moment to review all of my plans below 


Free Healthcare

Free Education

Criminal Justice Reform

Gun Reform

Climate Change

Minimum Wage Increase

Homeless Initiative

Credit Reporting

Tax Reform



$900 Billion Dollars

This is the cost to offer FREE HEALTHCARE to every American

Keep in mind, in 2018 $1.1 Trillion Dollars was spent on healthcare, mostly on Medicare & Medicaid while only helping a portion of Americans, many of which still had out of pocket cost. Those of us not receiving Medicare or Medicaid at all still had High Monthly Insurance Premiums, Co-Pays for Doctor Visits, Out of pocket cost for prescription drugs and other medical expenses... PLUS paid taxes.

With my plan, the cost of $900 Billion covers every American and is less than the amount that the Government has been spending for years.

Remember your tax dollars under my plan pay the doctors and medical staff directly out of your tax dollars.


The formula used is the type of Doctor, followed by the amount of Doctors in that field and then multiplied by their average salary.


-Family Doctors 250,000 x $105,000 = $26,250,000,000 Billion Dollars

-Emergency Room Doctors 45,000 x $250,000 = $11,250,000,000 Billion Dollars

-Surgeons 60,000 x $360,000 = $21,600,000,000 Billion Dollars

-Neurosurgeon 3,700 x $500,000 = $1,850,000,000 Billion Dollars

-Neurologist 20,000 x $127,500 = $2,550,000,000 Billion Dollars

-Cardiologist 23,000 x $200,000 = $5,750,000,000 Billion Dollars

-Cardiovascular Surgeon 4,000 x $500,000 = $2,000,000,000 Billion Dollars

-Radiologist 35,000 x $300,000 = $10,500,000,000 Billion Dollars

-Anesthesiologist 40,000 x $350,000 = $14,000,000,000 Billion Dollars

-Psychiatrist 30,000 x $185,000 = $5,550,000,000 Billion Dollars

-Psychologist 107,000 x $65,000 = $6,955,000,000 Billion Dollars

-Optometrist 42,000 x $105,000 = $4,410,000,000 Billion Dollars

-Gastroenterologist 11,000 x $380,000 = $4,180,000,000,000 Billion Dollars

-Oncologist 20,000 x $390,000 = $7,800,000,000 Billion Dollars

-Urologist 12,000 x $300,000 = $3,300,000,000 Billion

-Pharmacist 320,000 x $125,000 = $40,000,000,000 Billion Dollars

-Dentist 200,000 x $160,000 = $32,000,000,000 Billion Dollars

-Otolaryngologist 7,000 x $400,000 = $2,800,000,000 Billion Dollars

-Pathologist 19,000 x $300,000 = $5,700,000,000 Billion Dollars

-Pulmonologist 13,000 x $260,000 = $3,380,000,000 Billion Dollars

-Rheumatologist 4,000 x $203,000 = $812,000,000 Million Dollars

-Physical Therapist 211,000 x $80,000 = $ 16,880,000,000 Billion Dollars

-Occupational Therapist 105,000 x $8,400,000,000 Billion Dollars

-Chiropractor 45,000 X $80,000 = $3,200,000,000 Billion Dollars

-Diagnostician 5,000 x $45,000 = $225,000,000 Million Dollars

-Microbiologist 21,000 x $125,000 = $2,625,000,000 Billion Dollars

-Podiatrist 16,000 x $115,000 = $1,840,000,000 Billion Dollars

-Andrologist 1,300 x $75,000 = $100,000,000 Million Dollars

-Cardiac Electrophysiologist 2,100 x $500,000 = $1,050,000,000 Billion Dollars

-Dermatologist 9,800 x $400,000 = $3,920,000,000 Billion Dollars

-Endocrinologist 6,500 x $150,000 = $975,000,000 Million Dollars

-Epidemiologist 5,500 x $70,000 = $385,000,000 Million Dollars

-Hepatologist 700 x $350,000 = $245,000,000 Million Dollars

-Immunologist 4,500 x $150,000 = $675,000,000 Million Dollars

-Infections Disease Specialist 416 x $240,000 = $100,000,000 Million Dollars

-Intensivist 10,000 x $300,000 = $3,000,000,000 Billion Dollars

-Hematologist 2,000 x $280,000 = $560,000,000 Million Dollars

-Medical Examiner 2400 x $75,000 = $192,000,000 Million Dollars

-Medical Geneticist 1,700 x $80,000 = $136,000,000 Million Dollars

-Neonatologist 3,700 x $250,000 = $925,000,000 Million Dollars

$258,070,000,000 Billion Dollars in Doctor Salaries

Medical Staff Salaries

-Nurses 4,000,000 X $50,000 = $211,000,000,000 Billion Dollars

-CNA 640,000 X $30,000 = $19,200,000,000 Billion Dollars

-Physicians Assistant 155,000 x $90,000 = $13,950,000,000 Billion Dollars

-Phlebotomist 130,000 x $30,000 = $3,900,000,000 Billion Dollars

-Dental Assistant 66,000 x $35,000 = $14,000,000,000 Billion Dollars

-Medical Lab Technologist 340,000 x $50,000 = $17,000,000,000 Billion Dollars

-Surgical Technologist 110,000 x $45,000 = $4,950,000,000 Billion Dollars

-Dietician 71,000 x $60,000 = $4,260,000,000 Billion Dollars

-Audiologist 13,900 x $75,000 = 1,042,500,000 Billion Dollars

-Genetic Counselor 3,000 x $80,000 = $240,000,000 Million Dollars

-Exercise Counselor $15,900 x $49,000 = $780,000,000 Million Dollars

-EMT / Paramedics 340,000 x $50,000 = $17,000,000,000 Billion Dollars

$307,322,500,000 Billion Dollars in Medical Staff Salaries


$65,000,000,000 Billion Dollars

6,500 Hospitals

$10,000,000 Million Dollars to each Hospital for Lab, Medical Equipment, Utilities, etc.

Nursing Homes

$16,000,000,000 Billion Dollars

16,000 Nursing Homes

$1,000,000 Million Dollars to each Nursing Home for Medical Equipment, Utilities, etc.

Health Insurance Companies

$34 Billion Dollars

To avoid massive layoffs and to ensure a smooth transition to a plan giving Americans Free & Affordable heatlthcare, each insurance company would remain but only as a to manage the Affordable Care Act Patients profiles & disperse funds for medical expenses covered by the Government. The figure of $34 Billion Dollars covers 850,000 Health Insurance Employees with an average salary of $40,000 per year each.

1. AARP 1,986 Employees approx

2. Aetna 48,000 Employees approx

3. Amerigroup 7,080 Employees approx

4. Anthem Blue Cross 37,000 Employees approx

5. Blue Cross Blue Shield 50,000 Employees approx

6. Care Source 3,100 Employees approx

7. Cambia Health 5,500 Employees approx

8.Centene Corp 13,400 Employees approx

9. Cigna 35,000 Employees approx

10. Coventry Healthcare 14,400 Employees approx

11. Emblem Health 5,000 Employees approx

12. Health Net 9,300 Employees approx

13.Humana 52,000 Employees approx

14. Independence Blue Cross 8,000 Employees approx

15.Kaiser Permente 207,000 Employees including 19,000 doctors & 51,000 nurses approx

16. Kaleida Health 9,475 Employees approx

17. Lifewise Healthplan of Oregon 240 Employees approx

18. Medical Mutual of Ohio 2,500 Employees approx

19. Molina Healthcare 20,000 Employees approx

20. Premera Blue Cross 3,200 approx

21. Principle Financial Group 14,600 approx

22. State Farm 20,000 Employees approx

23. Shelter Insurance 1,000 Employees approx

24. Thrivent Financial 3,000 Employees approx

25. United Health Group 230,000 Employees approx

Prescription Drugs

$18,107,500,000 Billion Allotted for Prescription Drugs Pricing to keep cost from rising.

Most Prescriptions can be found in a generic form without a need for Insurance from local pharmacies for low out of pocket cost averaging $4.00 - $10.00 for Thyroid Medication to Diabetes Medication, Cholesterol Medication and many more.

I will also push for the Government to invest in as well as produce Generic Prescription Drugs at discounted prices.

Prescription Eye Glasses

$1.5 Billion Dollars for one free pair of glasses per person at an average cost of $100 covers 15 Million Americans who have some sort of vision impairment. Currently statistics show approximately 14 Million Americans have a vision impairment.

Extended Health Care Coverage

This is for patients who have an illness and the prices are Extremely High for treatments such as:

1. Cancer - current cost for Approximately 3.5 Million Americans that have Breast Cancer with averages at $10,000 for treatment, which totals $35 Billion and Approximately 700,000 Americans have Brain Cancer with average cost at $100,000 pp that alone is $70 Billion and Approximately 3.1 million Americans have Prostate Cancer which on average cost $30,000 to treat, totaling $93,000,000,000 Billion Dollars. For just these three Cancers, the cost is $200 Billion Dollars to cover.

2. HIV / Aids - current cost for treatment $26.4 Billion Dollars affecting over 1.1 Million Americans with the average cost of $24,000 pp

3. Hep C - current cost for treatment $155 Billion Dollars affecting over 3 Million Americans with the average cost of $50,000 pp

4. Diabetes - current cost for treatment $206 Billion Dollars affecting over 30 Million Americans with the average cost of $6,800 pp

5. Dialysis - current cost for treatment $43 Billion Dollars affecting over 550k Americans with an average cost of $70,000 pp

6. Hemophilia - current cost for treatment $2.8 Billion Dollars affecting over 18k Americans with an average cost of $155,000 pp

7. COPD - current cost for treatment $7.2 Billion Dollars affecting over 3 Million Americans with an average cost of $2,400 pp

8. Asthma - current cost for treatment $82 Million Dollars affecting over 26 Million Americans with an average cost of $3,000 pp

Those are just a few of the outrageous prices for medical treatment currently in America. To successfully fund these most expensive of drugs and treatments I have a plan below that consist of three funding components to ensure funds are always available.

The formula below will consist of 3 contribution components for funding to pay for the most expensive healthcare treatments in America Today.

Essentially the Affordable Care Act will serve as a Fund from the Federal Government to cover the most Expensive illnesses.

The Three Funding Components total on average approximately


for extended healthcare coverage and extreme illness treatments.

The Three Funding Components for Extended Healthcare will be:

1. Federal Government / Affordable Healthcare / Obama Care Contribution

$200,000,000,000 Billion Dollars

this is the remaining balance from the Federal Government $900,000,000,000 Billion Dollars after Medical Salaries, Hospital Expenditures, etc from above.

2. Patient Contribution Monthly Payment of $250 with an average of 79 Million Americans, which per studies is the amount of Americans currently living with a serious or life threatening illness and extremely expensive cost for treatment. These individuals would be covered under the Affordable Care Act due to an illness of Cancer, HIV/Aids, Hep C, etc and pay into the system at a rate of $250 per month with the option to Enroll or Cancel at anytime without penalty and without prejudice for pre-existing conditions, because remember if you have no illness you would not pay into this plan, so you would only enroll if you now have been diagnosed with a pre-existing condition. It is the ideal healthcare plan for use when you need it. For those who will need it, there will be No more $40,000 dollars in bills for treatment, only a guaranteed monthly rate of $250 per month paid by on average over 79 Million Americans totals approximately $237,000,000,000 Billion Dollars.

3. State Contribution average of $360,674,688,000 Billion Dollars

35% of Each individual State Budget

Formula: Amount of State Taxes collected and subtract 35% to total the States contribution amount at 35%

This would be the only portion of the States Budget utilized for Healthcare

1. Alabama $11,056,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $3,869,600,000 Billion Dollars

2. Alaska $1,642,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $574,700,000 Million Dollars

3. Arizona $16,294,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $5,709,900,000 Billion Dollars

4. Arkansas $9,843,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $3,445,050,000 Billion Dollars

5. California $175,017,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $61,255,950,000 Billion Dollars

6. Colorado $14,803,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $5,181,050,000 Billion Dollars

7. Connecticut $19,081,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $6,678,000,000 Billion Dollars

8. Delaware $4,220,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $1,477,000,000 Billion Dollars

9. District of Columbia $7,959,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $2,785,650,000 Billion Dollars

10. Florida $45,961,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $16,086,350,000 Billion Dollars

11. Georgia $23,603,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $8,261,050,000 Billion Dollars

12. Hawaii $7,714,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $2,699,900,000 Billion Dollars

13. Idaho $4,848,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $1,696,800,000 Billion Dollars

14. Illinois $39,857,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $13,949,950,000 Billion Dollars

15. Indiana $19,398,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $6,789,300,000 Billion Dollars

16. Iowa $10,088,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $3,530,800,000 Billion Dollars

17. Kansas $9,547,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $3,341,450,000 Billion Dollars

18. Kentucky $12,060,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $4,221,000,000 Billion Dollars

19. Louisiana $11,358,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $3,975,300,000 Billion Dollars

20. Main $4,411,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $1,543,888,000 Billion Dollars

21. Maryland $22,427,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $7,849,450,000 Billion Dollars

22. Massachusetts $29,655,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $10,379,250,000 Billion Dollars

23. Michigan $30,508,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $10,677,800,000 Billion Dollars

24. Minnesota $26,697,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $9,343,950,000 Billion Dollars

25. Mississippi $7,891,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $2,761,850,000 Billion Dollars

26. Missouri $13,028,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $4,559,800,000 Billion Dollars

27. Montana $2,945,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $1,030,750,000 Billion Dollars

28. Nebraska $5,393,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $1,887,550,000 Billion Dollars

29. Nevada $9,157,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $3,204,950,000 Billion Dollars

30. New Hampshire $2,921,000,000 Billion Dollars -35% = $1,022,350,000 Billion Dollars

31. New Jersey $34,841,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $12,194,350,000 Billion Dollars

32. New Mexico $5,672,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $1,985,200,000 Billion Dollars

33 .New York $88,541,000,000 Billion Dollars - $35% = $30,989,950,000 Billion Dollars

34. North Carolina $27,855,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $9,749,250,000 Billion Dollars

35. North Dakota $4,205,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $1,471,750,000 Billion Dollars

36. Ohio $29,130,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $10,195,500,000 Billion Dollars

37. Oklahoma $9,564,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $3,347,400,000 Billion Dollars

38. Oregon $12,645,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = 4,425,750,000 Billion Dollars

39. Pennsylvania $40,710,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $14,248,500,000 Billion Dollars

40. Rhode Island $3,483,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $1,219,050,000 Billion Dollars

41. South Carolina $10,550,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $3,692,500,000 Billion Dollars

42. South Dakota $1,918,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $671,300,000 Million Dollars

43.Tennessee $14,269,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $4,994,150,000 Billion Dollars

44.Texas $60,000,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $21,115,150,000 Billion Dollars

45. Utah $8,039,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $2,813,650,000 Billion Dollars

46. Vermont $3,284,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $1,149,400,000 Billion Dollars

47. Virginia $23,489,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $8,221,150,000 Billion Dollars

48. Washington $26,575,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $9,301,250,000 Billion Dollars

49. West Virginia $5,418,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $1,896,300,000 Billion Dollars

50.Wisconsin $18,743,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $6,560,050,000 Billion Dollars

51. Wyoming $1,837,000,000 Billion Dollars - 35% = $642,950,000 Million Dollars

* I averaged the salary and added more than the actual number for each category as some depending on location and experience may earn more or less

To be clear I will make it a mission to bring down the cost of Prescription Drugs like the ones listed above, however those with a life threatening illness cannot wait while negotiations and new generic drugs are being developed or stalled in the approval process by the FDA, I know that every second counts and that is why I have set forth this plan that covers the immediate need for treatment but is unattainable by many and putting others in debt. My plan will ease the burden at least financially through your healing process with a low rate so there are no surprises on your road to recovery.

My Free Education Plan

$350 Billion Dollars

My Plan for Free Education Covers the Salaries of all Teachers K-12 and all College Professors as well as provides Free Lunch for All students k-12

1. $135 Billion Dollars to Professors Salaries $75k x 1.8 Million College Professors

2. $34.7 Billion Dollars towards College staff salary $30k x 218 Employees at each College (5,300)

3. $799 Million Dollars to disperse $25k - $150k to each College (5,300) for additional financial aid

4. $5 Billion Dollars for Tablets for Students K - College averaging $30 - $60 per Tablet per Student

5. $20.701 Billion for Free Lunch K - 12

6. $148.5 Billion to Teachers Salaries K - 12 avg salary $45,000 x 3.3 Million Teachers

7. $5.3 Billion for $1 Million Dollars to each College (5,300) for operation.

There is approximately 57 Million Students in grades K - 12

There is approximately 20 Million College Students

Totaling 77 Million Students

99,000 Public Schools

5,300 Colleges

States would still be individually responsible for all other school staff members salaries however with the majority paid by the Federal Government, this will allow states to raise wages.

There is a series of courses I believe would prepare students to excel in life...


-Credit Score & How to build Credit

-Budgeting, Accounting, Managing Funds, Savings, Taxes & Check writing

-Mock Interviews, How to dress& prepare for an Interview

-Social Engagement, teaching tolerance, kindness & respect

-African American Studies required (Slavery, Inventors, Pioneers & BLM)

-Public Speaking

Qualifications to Graduate should consist of more than a series of tests. My plan requires students to meet qualifications that will ensure they thrive after High School by obtaining or completing ONE of the following below so when they graduate, they will have a resume as well as a Diploma.


-Training in CNA

-Training in Culinary

-Training in Auto Mechanics

-Real Estate Certification

-Computer Technology Certification

-Enlist in the Military

-Accepted into College

My Judicial Reform Plan

1. Equal & Fair Sentencing - Make a set of laws with consequences & sentencing that is in Black & White. Prosecute Crimes, Not People!

If someone commits a Felony Crime there should be ONE set of sentencing rules that is standard for each American. The rules for repeat offenders should also be in Black & White. For Example if someone commits a Crime of Vandalism and that sentence is 6 months in jail for 1st offenders, 1 year in jail for repeat offenders up to 3 Offenses then each time this individual breaks the law there is a set sentencing of x number of years. No offense (other than Rape, Assault & Murder) should exceed 5 years. The same should apply for Probation, a set number for the offense to ensure there is no bias or unfair or over sentencing.

The Judge serves to oversee the case, ensure a fair trial and uphold the law

The Jury serves to determine Guilty or Not Guilty

The Attorneys serve to defend or present the case

Should a person be found Guilty, The Law should be clear and sentencing should be Swift, Fair & Just

2. End MASS Incarceration

3. End Cash Bail - Jail is for the Guilty NOT the poor!

4. Same day sentencing to unclog the courts. Sentencing will be handed down by a even set of laws based off of the Crime.

5. Release minor drug offenders by commuting to time served

-Release Traffic Violators by commuting to time served (with the exception of accident or injury caused)

-Release those who are serving for failure to appear in court

6. Jury of your peers both in race & gender of at least 50% of the jury required.

Sentencing Examples for Equality that should apply across the Country: Some are left without a sentencing by the crime as I believe as a Nation we should be able to vote on Universal Sentencing for a majority of crimes as it most likely affects all of us as Americans. I do however believe that whatever the sentence is, it be fair and in black & white across the entire country. The Sentence should be the same regardless of where or who the individual is.

Crimes & Sentencing in Black and White

No Jail For

Traffic Violations (Minor such as speeding, parking tickets, etc) never jail time, repeat offenders fined, possible license revoked

Traffic Violations (No Accident or Accident no bodily harm) No Jail Time, repeat offender license revoked

Traffic Violations (Accident Bodily Harm) 1 year if found guilty

Traffic Violations (Accident Bodily Harm Death) refer to Murder charges if found guilty

Not Appearing to Court (No Jail Time) Fine

Drug Charges


Cocaine (if selling sentence based on amount & repeat offenses) Require Rehab for reduced sentence

Other illegal substances follow standard sentencing laws with a MAX sentencing of 5 years based off of repeat offenders or High weight value of content


3 Months in jail for first & second offenders

-Assault / Simple Assault / Fight


-Violating Restraining Order

-Vandalism (Non-Hate Crime $1,000-$4,999 in damage)

-Theft $1,000 - $4,999

-Forgery (loss $1,000 - $4,999)

Breaking & Entering

Burglary under $4,999

-Motor Vehicle Theft


Felony B



-Vandalism $5,000 or more

-Theft $5,000 or more

-Forgery $5,000 or more


-Burglary $5,000 or more

-Witness Tampering

-Money Laundering



-Hate Crimes


Any Vandalism to a Religious dwelling (Synagogue, Church, Mosque, etc) will automatically be a charge of Hate Crime.

Any Attack on a Religious Official will be a charge of Hate Crime

Any Attack at a Religious dwelling will be a charge of Hate Crime

Felony A

-Murder for Hire (not carried out) if carried out, refer to murder charges

-Attempted Murder


-Sex Trafficking


Murder Charge

1st Degree Murder

Life (Pre-Meditated & Intentional) including Murder for Hire

2nd Degree Murder

(Intentional, not planned)

3rd Degree Murder

(Voluntary, Passion Crime, Snapped)


A fair standard set of rules to follow

1. Drug Test

2. Employment

3. Notice & Approval before leaving the State

4. Volunteer

5. Must obtain High School Diploma or GED

6. Counseling if Applicable ( Assault, Domestic Violence & Drug Offenders)

Gun Platform

1. Universal Background Checks for ALL Gun purchases includes a Mental Health Exam & Questionnaire and 30 minimum day waiting period

2. Red Flag Law - allowing Family, Friends, Co-Workers, Therapist to alert Law Enforcement of alarming behavior or threats

3. School Metal Detectors in ALL Schools

4. Ban Civilian Ownership of Assault Weapons

5. Criminal Record - Violent Offenders, including Domestic Violence Offenders not eligible


1. Ban Chock-Holds

2. Ban No-Knock Warrants

3. Require Body Cams

4. Require Officers to announce Warning before shooting

5. Honor 4th Amendment & Stop Unlawful search & seizures

6. National Database on Officers with complaints filed against them

7. Require Diverse Roster - No Police Department should be all one race

8. Require standby officers to intervene when they observe excessive force

9. Independent Investigations for Officer Misconduct

10. Discontinue Qualified Immunity

11. Officers fired for misconduct or found Guilty, not eligible for Pension

12. Remove Police Officers from Schools

13. New Training on when to use Excessive Force, How to De-Escalate situations & Racial Sensitivity Training

Rent Law

1. Rent Must be reported to Credit Agencies as this will help boost the Credit Scores of renters, also because if the renter does Not pay their rent, it is reported to Credit Agencies, positive reporting should be required as well Free of charge to the Renter.

2. Rent increases should not exceed 5% and there has to be a two year hold for each increase.

Some alarming stats

There are locations across the country where people have been priced out of neighborhoods they grew up in.

In one State from 2010 - 2018 rent increased by 84% from $1,275 to $2,350 for the same properties, during this same time period of 2010 - 2018, Income increased by only 11%.

Wage growth is imperative to a thriving economy and with my plan for Free Healthcare & Free Education that is more money saved and more Money earned as companies can raise wages. That along with positive reporting to Credit Agencies and rent increase restrictions give Americans an opportunity to Live a Better, Healthier and more Financially Secure Life.

I would also introduce legislation that fines states for not sheltering the Homeless. A portion of the funds for Housing would be reserved for funding each State with a specified dollar amount based on the size of the State and or amount of homeless. There are vacant buildings that could be or already are State Owned to ensure every single American has warm & safe shelter.


1. National Holiday

2. Back-up Paper Ballots

3. Automatic Enrollment at the age of 18

4. Abolish the Electoral College

Climate Change


2. Re-join the Paris Climate Agreement

3. Place stricter laws on automakers on Fuel Efficiency & Emissions

Homeless Care Act

1. Require each state to purchase vacant Property mostly retail to house the homeless and instead of cities & states criminalizing homeless, the cities & states will be Fined by the Federal Government if they are not taking care of those in need.

2. Of the $51 Billion paid out in public housing by the Federal Government, approximately $976 Million will go towards all states at $50,000 each to help in purchasing a space to house any and all homeless.


$365 Billion Dollars (that $1 Billion Dollars a day and more than enough)

1. U.S. Army 990,000 enlisted rounded up to 1.5 million with an avg salary of $50k x 1.5 million = $75 Billion

2. U.S. Marines Corps 220,000 enlisted rounded up to 250,000 avg salary of $50k x 250,000 = $12.5 Billion

3. U.S. Navy 433,000 enlisted rounded up to 500,000 avg salary of $50,000 x $500,000 = $25 Billion

4. U.S. Air Force 670,000 enlisted rounded up to 685,000 avg salary of $50,000 x 685,000 = 34.250 Billion

5. U.S. Coast Guard 85,000 enlisted rounded up to 90,000 avg salary of $50,000 x 90,000 =$4.5 Billion

Military Salaries total $151,250,000,000

Leaving $213,750,000,000 Billion for Housing & Operations

Tax Reform

1. Simplify tax codes

2. Close loopholes

3. Lower Fines & Penalties

4. End Unnecessary Corporate Tax Write-Offs

5. Force Corporations to pay their fair share of Taxes

My Complete Budget Outlined

$3.5 Trillion Dollars

(on track with the Federal Budget of previous years since 2009)

Free Healthcare $900 Billion

Free Education $350 Billion

Military 365 Billion

Government $20 Billion

Infrastructure $25.5. Billion

Transportation $10.5 Billion

Energy & Environment $5 Billion

Science $5 Billion

International Affairs $5 Billion

Social Security $1.289 Trillion

Food & Agriculture $145 Billion

Food & Nutrition SNAP $75 Billion

Public Housing $51 Billion

U.S. Territories $4 Billion

Debt $250 Billion

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**Special Update**


Below you will find a new plan I have outlined and intend on introducing that should already be in effect in the United States of America for situations such as a National Emergency

As soon as a National Emergency is Declared, Federal & Local Government as well as the American people should already know what to expect and what protocol to follow to avoid Panic & Confusion, meaning as soon as an National Emergency is Declared a plan should already be in place:


Freeze Eviction Proceedings

Freeze Rent / Mortgage Payments

Freeze Disconnection of Utilities such as Water, Gas & Electric

Automatically Close

Schools, Restaurants, Bars, Theaters, Gyms, Etc

Schools should have and would have under my Education Plan an option to teach/learn remotely from home on their free tablets


Require Non-Essential Personnel to work from home, including State & Federal Legislators who should have the option to vote from their homes.


Hospital staff activate National Emergency Mode which should include immediately putting on the proper attire such as full garment medical professional gowns, mask, gloves, etc and restricting patient rooms to only essential personnel & restricting visitors

-Use Coliseums as pop-up Hospitals for non-pandemic medical emergencies

-There should be Drive up testing station locations, Pre-Designated before a crisis and made familiar to local residents in their neighborhoods. Just like we know where voting stations are in our local area, during a National Emergency, residence should know exactly where to go for Free testing.

-The Stock Market should be closed during a National Emergency

-Bulk Purchases & Price Gauging automatically illegal

-If during the school year & school districts opt to have in-class option then 1. No more than 10 students per class, 2. let the students stay in one classroom and allow teachers to rotate via subject to reduce the spread, 3. Temperature checked every morning & 4. Mask required for everyone.